I notice that I gain a new follower on twitter named Agent of Doubt and because of the name I made the mistake of thinking he was a warrior of justice and free speech and all that sort of thing. Well, no matter how hard I tried he just kept making fun of me/brushing me off until eventually I convinced him to watch my latest video at the time (channel clusters) but I had not released it yet and was not planning too. I instead told him it was private and that only he could see it. I made it so only select friends on Facebook could see it. He agreed but then he records it with his cell phone and makes a 1-hour video bashing me to all his fans then quickly follows up with a 2nd 1-hour video before I ever even knew about the first one. By the time I had this video made he had 4 more! But I will just explain the need 2 knows is this videos as well as the following one and trust me this shits about to get good. I dislike bombed AgentOfDoubt in response to his attack on me first and revealed that he is a spy working for Google.

So to retaliate against him for rudely exposing me for only the worst of reasons possible I dislike bombed him. It is actually a funny story because my original order git messed up and the bot glitched and sent his videos likes instead!! So I complained so much that they refunded my money plus $10 extra for the trouble and I spent most of it on dislikes. But I honestly did not buy that many and was mostly just putting 50 dislikes on every new upload he made. He tried to wear me out by uploading 4 times a day but I kept at it. Then I went through his entire library of videos (all 3,000 of them) and targeted ones knew he would be proud of and bombed those ones. Well to surprise the bot glitches again but this time it OVER SENDS on the dislikes and orders of 50 suddenly turned into 350 and within a couple weeks (days actually) I had given him over 6,000 dislikes smearing his entire channel and all future uploads would have met the same fate if youtube had not stepped in and for the first time ever started removing (or hiding actually) likes AND dislikes. For 3 weeks after that likes and dislikes could not be purchased anywhere in the world. ALL of the dislikes I sent to him were removed and now every time i bomb him very few actually stick but when I bomb strangers they all stick. Youtube has recently called it a dislike mob as if a group of ppl is doing it when they know its just me. More on that coming up as we get closer and closer to the present day.

In this video I start by showing a glimpse of my manual subscriber base that allowed ,me to notice what I am explaining in the video. Basically because I was looping my own video in a playlist I noticed that it was killing my CTR. After conducting the necessary tests I concluded that all the information [resented in this video is 100% accurate. It is true that playlists in general lower the CTR no matter what but large playlists are much more damaging. I told this to Tubebuddy who I was friends with at the time. At first they said if I could prove it that it would be important news seeing as how everyone says playlists are so great. they even offered suggestions on how to run the tests. well i did the testing and provided conclusive results however they admitted that no matter what if its something negative about YouTube they are unwilling to knowledge it or me in any way. ever.  That is 100% admition of guilt in my opinion. That is them saying that they will lie to the public and/or withhold valuable information just because YouTube want to hurt the public in this way and they align with that agenda. Tubebuddy does not want to help you at all they want to keep you as far away from success as possible in fact Andrew Kan is a great example of that. constantly telling lies about how the algorithm works. Boy if i had a dollar for every time he tells a subscriber that the reason he wont sub back to him is because if he doesn't watch his videos that him being subbed to him will hurt him much more than if he just stays away from him,k as if having famous youtubers follow you is a bad thing in any way. good god all mighty. Its a good time to also state that tubebuddy listened to the story i am telling you here on my website and gave me legendary level for free and 50
5 commission rates just for being me. I dont think it was kindness seeing as how they never did a damn thing to help me or the people or anyone other than YouTube and they are partnered with many of the con men who i have dirt on. i will soon expose all of Roberto blakes conversations then we will see how tubebuddy feels about being seen with him. Also note that I told tube buddy about my plans to get a play button and my reason for building the manual subscriber base. more on that coming up...