Meta Tricked Me Into Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement 


True story about a secret feature that Meta must not want me to tell anyone about because they tricked me into signing an NDA.




























Meta tricked me into signing NDA contract. @zuck EXPOSED Mark Zuckerberg EXPOSED. - YouTube


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If you want to know what the secret feature is, you will have to watch the above video. I will not repeat it in public. So Meta offered me $500 and said they needed my help testing a new feature. They said I needed to sign an NDA as well as an additional agreement, After I agreed and signed it, they ghosted me. The date we were scheduled to meet came and went, and I never heard about it again. The fetaure has to do with the current topic of discussion, which is the fact that Meta can be inside your account at the same time you are without a password and can take control of it because they have admin permissions. Hell, maybe this last year of torment was them testing on me what they needed to test and If that's the case then when do I get my $500 Zuck!?


The contract lasts for 2 or 3 more years, but it doesn't matter because I'm convinced Meta wants to avoid being in a courtroom with me, so I tell whoever I want. The fact that they did this means they are afraid of what I could do to them if I had a lawyer, and they felt the need to hedge their bets. Zuck needs to realize I'm on his side, despite what the situation looks like, and I wouldn't do him like that, Just like I wouldn't tell the cops if I found poison on the food he sent me through Doordash. That might be the next story I tell, but perhaps I should explain why he was doing that first. It has to do with him selling blue checkmark badges. Stay tuned for my next exciting post.




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