Off Page SEO Package 1 (relevancy)

This takes 30 days to complete and you get a report at the end. I drip feed backlinks so that you stay relevant in the search results and so that you dominate page 1 for your own name. You get at least a couple hundred backlinks maybe more than 1,000. It depends on what happends throughout the month with Google updates. If you get a small amount it's becaseu quality was higher and if you get a large amount it's because quality is lower BUT it was time to take advantage of a bulk deal whitch is good for the rank long term. Google will reward quality backlinks but will only learn to trust you through repetition so quantity is still very important too. So that is where Tier system comes into play. These backlinks are of a mixed quality and getting them is better than getting no backlinks at all but if you want to do what is absolutely best for your rank/site you should consider buying a tier 2 or tier 3 link pyrimid.