PRESS: $30: x1 Article: x17+ Sites Including Google News Through Digital Journal: Indexed by Google Guaranteed: Full Report Containing All Links: SOMETIMES a bonus premium site (Medium or GitHub) is included otherwise all sites are free/cheap PR Sites and I do not offer premium distribution. put it simply you provide me with x1 article written in the correct format and I will get it published by Digital Journal so that it shows up on page 1 on Google News. For example if you type "preston hudman" or "tube homie" into Google then click News you will find an article ranked on page 1 by Digital Journal that contains both those names in the title. I can do the same for you. This result lasts longer depending on relevency of  the topic and quality of the writing and is up to Google. I measure it to be roughly 1-2 months before it goes away (sometimes 3 months if it's really good) However it is getting indexed by Google which means you will always find it in Google search but it's just not going to dominate page 1 of Google news forever. So I recommend buying this once or twice a month in order to build momentum until your dominating it all year long without buying it anymore. It helps if the articles are of the same niche and/or same topic each time. For example, Preston made an article about rap music followed by a SEO tutorial followed by one about face fiters and this was the WRONG way to do things. Preston should have just made "music marketing articles every time and made sure to repeat his keywords "google rapper" and "cyber rap" in each one.
SEO: $30Package 1 "keep me relevant": x1 link: x5 keywords including domain name: I Drip Feed Back Links and Social Signals to your link for 30 days with a report given at the end. May contain multiple reports. All links will be reported and accounts maintained so they last FOREVER! If you find any broken links it can be fixed for free within the first 30 days or for just $1.50 anytime after that. The failure rate is extremely low (2 out of 100 MIGHT be broken but usually not and then check them  again 12 months later they still work... 16 months later they still work so check them nearly a decade later and I kid you not they still work assuming your link still does lol) You may receive as few as several hundred or as many as several thousand backlinks and social signals each. Depends on what is available and what is working well currently. If you get a low quantity it's because the quality was high and your rank will be affected more noticeably so you will feel more of an impact and if you get a high quantity it's because I scored you a great deal on a bulk order whitch won't rank you as well but has long term benefits as it increases your Intertnet Presence overall. Google rewards a high quality backlink but can only learn to trust you through repetition.. If it wants to reward you but doesnt trust you it will give you X and if it trusts you a  lot but has no reason to reward you it will give you X where X is the same rank both ways. So the best way to rank is to build what is called a link pyrimid... 
SEO: $220Package 2 "T1 and T2 Link Pyrimid": x1 link: x2 keywords including domain name: I build a Tier 1 and Tier 2 link pyrimid. This will rank you for long tail keywords (keywords that are less competative and easier to rank for) this requires knowleadge and training on top of needing more backlinks of higher quality so the price is much higher. It takes 30 days to complete and then 6 weeks for results to appear. and same rules apply as above in regards to the report and the link maintenance. How does it work? Tier 1 backlinks are the highest quality and lead straight to your link. Tier 2 backlinks are lesser quality and lead straight to the tier 1 backlinks. This is enough to rank for less competitive keywords. For competative keywords or an over saturated market a third tier would be added and the T3's would lead to the T2's. At that point you just add a T1 followed by excessive T2's and T'3's because it ranks you up without allowing any low quality links to touch your link so you get benefitted while sidestepping the drawback. Links create link juice even if they are spammy so a million spammy backlinks still produces lots of link juice and the T1 and T2 backlinks are the filters that absorb all the drawbacks to getting low quality links but still passes on most the link juice. To add T3 just add $140 to this price. This might cost you around $600/month somewhere else. Once completed buying the "keep me relevant" service every month is neccessary in order to keep you relevant enough to maintain the position. In that case you might only need to buy a T3 pyrimid once or twice a year for year round coverage and again, other places might charge you $600/month for this.
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Verified Comments:
x1 comment on x1 post by x1 user = $4 (1 total comment)

x1 comment on x1 post by x3 users = $11 (3 total comments)

x1 comment on x3 posts by x1 user = $10 (3 total comments)

Note: You cannot choose the verified user. I will try to match your niche.

Note: You will most likely be given a like and a save from the verified user as well but it is up to that user. All they owe you is the comment and anything else is a bonus. It is suggested that you follow them.

Note: They are likely to respond to you if you message them. They are all very nice people and very down to earth. It's up to them though.

Verified Comment for Comment Manager: FOR VERIFIED USERS ONLY: I will continually introduce your brand to the new verified users that I meet and will arrange trades where someone with a blue check will quickly give you 10+ comments in bulk and then you can repay him/her at your earliest convenience. This is great for businesses with a blue check that just don't have time to mingle or hang out in engagements groups all day. This is a revolving bill each month as I am continually sharing your posts to my large list of verified friends, I'm manually attaining blue check comments for you, and setting up exchanges for you that it becomes a form of repuattion management within Hollywood itself and allows your brand to reach untapped markets where going viral is actually possible. For this I would charge $120/month on the low end but if any additional tasks were involved or other needs that have to be met the price could increase by a lot. This job is extremely time consuming and it stops me from getting comments for my own accounts. This is the fastest and easiest way to make your comment sections look like Preston Hudman's but it's not the cheapest.
$50 for Verified Engagement Group Access. Basically I put you into a group on Instagram with at least 20 verified users and you do comment for comment at a 5x1 ratio (you give them 5 comments and they give you 1) The group is permanent and if you spend a lot of time on IG this is the best value as long as you don't mind grinding a little bit. This is not a good option for lazy people who do'nt like to comment on other peopls posts. This takes the most effort and is the slowest way to get them. Also, it can be dissapointing if nobody shows you any love..
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Minimum 250 | maximum 1k per day speed | REAL IG Followers | $12/1k | I'm rarely unable to deliver at least 250 every day. The most I can do is 1k. Any more than 1k and I highly doubt it's real people you are getting. Mine are coming from shout outs and shares by verified users and myself who all have large followers counts and they show up randomly throughout the day. The growth pattern is real and there are no spikes or drops it just trends upwards and stays green every day on social blade.