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Why Telegram is a malicious platform.


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Telegram is a popular messaging app that offers a range of features for communication and business purposes. However, the quality of its customer support has been a topic of concern for many users. Telegram relies on volunteer moderators to handle user complaints and queries, which can lead to a range of issues.


One of the main drawbacks of relying on volunteer moderators is that they may not have the necessary skills or training to handle customer support. Unlike professional support staff, they may not have a clear understanding of the app's features and functions, which can lead to incorrect or incomplete answers to user queries.


Another issue with Telegram's volunteer moderators is that they may treat users unfairly due to a power trip. Because they are not accountable to any professional organization or regulatory body, they may be inclined to abuse their power and ghost users who they deem as unimportant. This can lead to frustration and negative feedback from users, which can harm the company's reputation and bottom line.


In contrast, having professional support staff can offer several benefits for businesses. They are trained to provide prompt and effective customer service, which can lead to higher user satisfaction and retention rates. They are also more likely to provide accurate and complete answers to user queries, which can reduce the need for follow-up support requests.

In conclusion, while Telegram's volunteer moderators may offer some benefits, they can also lead to a range of issues that can harm the company's reputation and bottom line. To ensure prompt and effective customer support, businesses should consider investing in professional support staff who are accountable, well-trained, and experienced in handling user queries and complaints.


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