Preston Hudman

BEST Music Distributor. Distrokid vs Tunecore vs CD Baby vs FRESHTUNES vs Amuse vs LEVEL vs LANDR
2020-03-20 13:41 What is the best music distributor to use in 2020 you ask? Well the answer is all of them says Preston Hudman. Preston says that on day one you should sign up to Freshtunes, Level and Amuse for there ...
Preston Hudman Sells Blue Check Mark For $1 to @skullygodd
2020-01-31 16:30 Preston Hudman ( owner of Tune Homie has just sold a blue check mark (two months ago) to @SkullyGodd aka boonkbaby for only one dollar! Skully had purchased a $1 sample of Preston...
Kobe Bryant is to blame for the helicopter crash that killed 9 people!
2020-01-29 12:29 I am not a basketball player or an NBA agent like my good friend Blaiseffrench is but I feel the need to weigh in on the recent tragedy involving Kobe Bryant because I think what happened was appallin...



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