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A Good Company got Verified EXPOSED!

The story of how @agoodcom got verified on Instagram.


Back in 2019  I worked as a freelancer for a company called a good company and during that time they were verified on Instagram. It's interesting because they are famous for an article the owner wrote about how fake influencers are scamming companies while at at the same time they bought all of their followers from me. It's true that I was delivering real followers, and everything else too because from 14K to 70K I was in charge of growing all of the metrics for the entire account and they were posting daily.

So although they said many bad things about some influencers, they themselves were not much different. They are just fortunate enough they came to me. Had it been someone else I suppose they would be no different than the cheaters they made their reputation off of. If you are going to take a moral stance against something it's imperative that you not be guilty of it yourself in my opinion. Literally dozens or perhaps hundreds of articles were published about this and like I said they got verified from it. Shortly after getting verified they cut ties with me after making me sign the NDA which I had to do just to get my last paycheck. Never got credited in any way for anything.



anders ceo of a good company profile

Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company


One could argue that since  I was the one growing the account that means I might have had just as much to do with them getting verified as the hypercritical press coverage did. Anders is a clever man, but also a dishonest one. 




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