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BEST Music Distributor Distrokid vs Tunecore

What music distribution company is the best? BEST Music Distributor Distrokid vs Tunecore


What is the best music distributor to use in 2020 you ask? Well the answer is all of them says Preston Hudman. Preston says that on day one you should sign up to Freshtunes, Level and Amuse for there free offerings, but then also, LANDR, Ditto, and Distrokid. Ok so why so many? Well because it spreads the risk in case of song removal he says. Most of these companies have a two strike policy. So having two songs removed means that all the songs from that distributor are going to get taken down. If you only use one distributor that will wipe you out completely. Now imagine you get one song taken down on Distrokid and then another one taken down on ditto... You have two strikes but since they are on differed distributors you won't get taken down and the only songs that are in danger are the ones from those two distributors. All other songs from all other distributors are safe. The more distributors you have the safer you are. If you only have 4 songs then using 4 distributors will be worth it in the long run even if you never make a 5th song! Safety in numbers is the only way to protect your music and your investment Preston says. The following are his recommendations...


1. Freshtunes is the best overall

2. Level gives away two for free and the paid version is solid.

3. Amuse sucks but why not get one free song done per month if you can.

4. Ditto should be your first paid stop (or distrokid if you are a noob like I was)

5. Use LANDR's 10 song/$10 per year distro deal ONLY if you have 10 songs with the license ready to show them because they ask for it every time. Skip them otherwise.

6. If you are considering Distrokid they would be useful for only one thing and that is to release an album with the legacy option so that it's a one time fee of $50 instead of having to pay annually to keep it in music stores. Besides that one album the account should go delinquent and has no further use.


7. Get Level premium especially if any of these stores ban you like amuse or Distrokid or LANDR might do. The point is to buy them all and to use all of the free ones but to make sure you avoid any that take a cut of your royalties because that is a deal breaker. It is the reason why Tunecore and CD baby are not on this list. It's because they either take a cut of your royalties or they don't offer a legacy option and charge way to much each year or both. Perhaps CD Baby has value for you if you want physical distribution and maybe an album sold on CD is a good option just food for thought.


The only three that seem to get a positive review from Preston are Freshtunes, Level and Ditto, however he says to buy them all as it is the right thing to do. Preston Hudman says he is banned from Distrokid, LANDR, and Amuse and that many bothens died to bring you this information. They should un ban him and let him play his music for us.


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