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Getting verified is the only thing I'm good at: How to get your Facebook Page AND Profile both verified. By Preston Hudman


Preston Hudman has a blog about getting verified.


  No matter what platform you wish to be verified on these tips will help


you and are worth considering. First understand that the more you use facebook AND instagram, meaning the more features you unlock the better your chances are of being selected for early access and things  like creator support. So as a rule of thumb you should try everything once and download all the apps to. Go all out when connecting accounts to each other and complete everything you can in the ads manager. This is what Meta wants. 



Focus on getting the Facebook PAGE badge first. Because it's easy and because then you can unpublish it and apply for the profile and get it verified too, then just republish the page. You will have both. This is extreamly advantageous later on and also just feels right knowing when you act on behalf of your page you have the badge and when you act on behlaf of your profile you also have a badge. THAT is what being verified on facebook should mean. Why should my friends who only have profiles not be able to see my badge? This fixes that problem. There is nothing wrong with this and it would be extremely bad form of Facebook to trouble anyone over this methiod because it's actually a flaw they need to fix. The owner of a page and his/her profile is also notworthy if the noteworthy page is about that person.



Facebook is hard on impersonation especially when the imposter is trying to smear the person. So theoretically speaking of course you could make stealth accounts to impersonate yourself. If you don't know what a stealth account is look up ebay stealth accounts. Study it. With couple of these you at least have a claim. With a relentless flood you could brute force it. In therory of course. If you just make the accounts yourself while using the same IP address they will know it's you. I've seen a person bluff it on the application and get it. So the final step would be to report one of the imposters and have it taken down, then apply afterwards. This is rarely needed but smart. Some sites like  also focus heavily on this and say so in their help section.$hudmanpreston 



Now you just need one more before those three (the FB page, FB Profile, and XX) can breed a fourth and fifth automatically! You will see what I mean but for now you must pick a target: VK, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram and I suggest because i'm about to show you all how it's done right now. 



(Born Nov 3 1985) Preston Hudman is an American Rapper/Influencer/ and social media marketer who is known for his passion, that is to study Google. He even raps about Google which has earned him the nickname The Google Rapper. Preston Hudman also helps people grow on Instagram and Facebook by doing collaborations that go viral! 



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