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How Hipe the Nomad and Preston Hudman got verified on Instagram using Creator Support.



The story of how @prestonhudman and @hipethenomad got verified on







Hipe and I were both recently verified on Instagram. I was verified on October 18 2021 and Hipe was verified on November 24 2021. It was around that time that I had also been given early access to Facebook's Creator Support, which is a new feature being rolled out to more and more users. Soon it will be released to the wider public and although it's extremely helpful in regards to support it's not that helpful in regards to verification. It's main purpose is not verification, it's to give customer support. There are only two small advantages in regards to verification that I can see and neither of them impact the outcome. @thegooglerapper


The application process in creator support has the advantage of being reviewed immediately instead of being placed in a queue. This is proven by the response time. The answer arrives within hours but the same humans do the same review process and the same result occurs. The 2nd advantage is that I can include a message along with the application. It's important not to misrepresent yourself in the application so I always declare who I am in relation to the applicant.


What you are seeing in our case is a combination of completeness, rate of improvement, and the advanced application that allowed me to explain things to the reviewer. The reviewers have the ability to see past applications and they want to see improvement otherwise it's a waste of their time!




When I say "completeness" i mean the more you connect yourself to Facebook and learn how to operate the website the more likely they are to give you early access to things like creator support. So Hipe and I were both completely connected to each other's pages as partners and we had unlocked almost everything in the ads manager. With my guidence, Hipe was able to form the kind of well rounded application they look for. The news article was about our collab that was fire and I can't even take 25% credit for that post because it was Hipe who made it sound and look fire. He's getting celebrities begging to work with him now and I'm totally jealous!


So in closing I want everyone to know that consistantly improving your application and connecting yourself to Facebook as much as possible is the best way to get verified and I have built a business around helping people improve their applications as well as train them on how to use all of Facebook's business features. Thank you for reading.$hudmanpreston


(Born Nov 3 1985) Preston Hudman is an American Rapper/Influencer/ and social media marketer who is known for his passion, that is to study Google. He even raps about Google which has earned him the nickname The Google Rapper. Preston Hudman also helps people grow on Instagram and Facebook by doing collaborations that go viral!




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