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Preston Hudman Application for Partnership Influencer Fact Sheet/Press Kit Video Explained.

Preston Hudman applies for partnership and explains his background as a social media influencer and Hip Hop Musician.


Hi I'm Preston Hudman and I wish to work with you because I consider myself on the cutting edge of helping businesses navigate social media successfully. I am verified on several platforms (Instagram, FB page, FB Profile, Soundcloud, Spotify) and I earned each badge without any help or money spent. I've been doing this for 11 years and will no doubt continue for the rest of my life.  Here is a fact sheet and a video explaining it...  (THIS IS A MUST WATCH AND IS ONLY 2 MINUTES LONG THANK YOU)

That should answer the basic questions. With that said I want to focus on specific pieces of content that demonstrate my effectiveness in captivating an audience and gaining their trust. I do this not with flashy content but through educational value that is so unique people accept me as the authority on any subject I talk about.

I have been given access to Facebook's Creator Support and although it's questionable if i'm actually allowed to be applying for other people I certainly do it almost weekly and have conversations with FB about it, and they straight up designed the rules of it based on my feedback so in my case I'm totally allowed to do it however, that does not mean anyone gets verified and imo the only reason I'm getting away with it is because of my honesty on the application. I announce myself and my relation to the applicant so that they recognize me and know what my intentions are. They wish to be in total control of the decision and if you are 100% honest and fourthright, it builds trust as it drastically reduces the risk level for them. In fact it may deplete that risk level to 0% witch is why they allow me to do it. One client of mine did succeed at getting verfiied though, which has contributed greatly to my current status. When I got verified it was anything but typical. I am responsible for this... 

...and because it's not ok to sell badges, accounts, or even the application process, what I sell is a collab package which is what that  is) and I just do the application as a free bonus at my discretion. That way the buyer knows it's up to me how often I do it, etc, and they are not disappointed when they get rejected. I give them a TON of value in the collab package, so they are really happy before and after they try for verification. Since I'm on the cutting edge I consider my most recent article the best source of information in regard to getting verified as well as creator support on Facebook. Here is a link to that article...

That brings me to my next point... my website. So I'm no good at designing websites and I use a DIY builder, however looks aren't everything and I am trying to improve it as best I know how. I enjoy SEO, so I have done extensive schema markup and pass SEO audits with flying colors. I have a DA60 and it's around 4 years old. I could easily be pushing traffic to it and ace any test. I'm pretty sure I can make it famous if I stay the course. Right now I'm improving the looks and focusing on the blog page. I use the home page for SEO purposes mainly because I love to manipulate my Google Knowledge graph using structured data for carousels and what have you. That is why I'm able to have a musicians google panel with a linkedin bio about my business and a YouTube video carousel full of call of duty videos lol.

Most everything else you could want to know is in the fact sheet/explained in the video. Here are the links that you are shown in the video/on the fact sheet...

Last but not least you asked for videos. Well, I don't have that many, but they are popular enough to grow organically quite well despite their simplicity. It's because of the educational value. ...first of all this one is my most popular and those are never the good ones imo, so I have to show it to you even though i don't like it much. It's a popular subject, I do sick SEO, and people like my energy level. ...IDK if I'm "proud" of any video because I make them to convey information and not to produce visually stunning content. I just need the viewer to understand the steps of complex things and that is a nearly impossible task using the mediums we have available. I run into those walls constantly and push them back further myself. ...same as above sort of. Not your usual tutorial. ...more of the same. Simple. Sweet. VERY POPULAR and EVERGREEN. ...more of the same but a really long one that covers the topic of YouTube Tags/SEO. Food for your brain. ...last but not least here is a clout video showing a bunch of other verified Instagram users praising my work etc. @ev @karora007 (I think you know my buddy Kumar Arora) @kingjamesworthy @theyoungdread @corrado 

Besides that I've got a ton of call of duty videos that I'm using as stock video (it's all original though) and i've got enough of it to get me to 100k subs and the silver play button award (i'm at 65K subs). I'm just ironing out some kinks in my metrics before I make the journey. I figured out what YT uses to disqualify people from getting the award and I growth hacked my way around it. They are fully aware of it though as this happened 4 years ago and since then they have intentionally blocked me from advancing. That "global shadow block" has ended now and I appear to be forgiven because I get treated like royalty by creator support from them too. YouTubes Creator Support is really nice and they can make extraordinary results happen fast.

Final thoughts:

I do a lot of collabs with famous people and up and comers. I collabed with @therealchadb on multiple occasions, and we have a song coming soon. I collab with @_boogiebot who is my most talented friend. I work very closely with George Gstar aka gstar4x who is working with NBA Youngboy! Gstar is a close bro bro. I know Kumar Arora and his BFF Eric (@ev) Forgiato Blow, Cindy Cowan, the list goes on and on. I run groups on IG and have almost 200 verified users actively engaging in them.  I'm also huge over in India check this out...

My inbox is lit every day by dozens, sometimes hundreds of messages. I'm even learning Hindi  to monetize this crowd. 

My influences have come mostly in the form of rich middle-aged entrepreneurs... Tai Lopez, Jeff Bazos, Gary Vaynerchuck, Sam Ovens, PewDiePie, Grant Cardone,  and then some rappers I emulate.

finally, here is the best video on youtube imo and is exactly why i'm special. I have a total understanding of this concept and would say if one thing could be given credit for all that has transpired it would be this skill...

Dang, I just remembered, I'm also a graphic designer (self-taught) and here is a sample of my music...


here is a sample of some artwork and the type of white hat stuff I sell...


and then heres the cover art to my latest album with over 1.3 million streams... 

...and Im a beast on Musicbrainz with four stealth accounts all able to vote lol. I know one of the admins there and half the stuff on my profile was added by contributors, not me.

I could go on for much longer. This is 25% of my 11 year career. I've done big things with Google that aren't even mentionable due to HOW BIG they are. They introduced sooooo many new metrics, systems, features, policies, all because of me. Not just them but ALL of the platforms have implemented my feedback.

So this is Preston Hudman signing off. Visit my website for the latest news about me... and THANK YOU FOR THIS POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY. THE REP I SPOKE TO WAS SO AWESOME. JUST SAYIN MY ORIGINAL REASON FOR REACHING OUT WAS BECAUSE I NEED A LINK TO MY TWITTER ACCOUNT PLACED ON A WEBSITE OWNED BY A VERIFIED TWITTER USER. I'm really stoked how this has unfolded though and want to be part of your mission. TY.

-Preston Hudman


All my press can be found on Crunchbase here