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Preston Hudman sold a blue check mark badge to @SkullyGodd  for a dollar!


Skully had purchased a $1 sample of Preston's verified groups service and next thing you know within minutes he was verified. It happened in front of everyone's eyes. See Skully God's own review of the service for proof!





...of course that is only a click bait title and it did not go down quite like that. You can't legally sell a blue check mark but what I can do for you is help you get one faster by learning secret strategies and meeting all of my friends.


Not to take anything away from Skully Godd because the bottom line is you can only get a blue check mark through hard work and legitimacy (and it's still not guaranteed like in my case due to a unwarranted and unexplained Facebook ban and contempt from Instagram's side) ...and Skully's accomplishment came from a lot of hard work.


But what motivated Skully was the addition of 20 new verified friends he met in my group and listening to my advice. That made him kick things up a notch and next thing you know he was showing results.


He did tricks like title his about page on his website "Wikipedia" and added that to the meta tags. All of these tricks culminated in the successful verification of Skully towards the end of the day, is what we think it is because the only thing different from before when Skully says he would get denied are the tricks I told him to do. Ask him yourself and he will say it was the bio ranking on google. Of course, there is no way to know for sure. It may also have been press but if you look into Skully God there isn't much to find. Quite astonishing that he was given the check mark from the outside looking in. It very well could have been my magic as this is the 2nd user who I have seriously helped get verified. I should literally take credit for getting @agoodcom aka a good company verified too but that is another story for another time (a time when the NDA expires)


YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL FAKE SERVICES ON SEO CLERKS AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE A MIDDLE MAN (RESELLER) meaning they don't allow services that break the TOS of other websites and with engagement pods being a gray area this sort of service is typically rejected by mods before going live on seoclerks. To my knowledge this is only for certain "high risk" services such as social media groups and music streams etc. Which is why I enjoy this space all to myself currently. I was properly vetted and invited to sell my services.


That brings me to the last point I want to make in this write up which is that engagement pods have got a bad rap when VERIFIED pods are actually a good thing that everyone loves and regular pods are the problem. If an advertiser is trying to sell product and he/she hires an influencer to reach the target audience and that influencer is in a pod just making it look like they are getting the reach but its all incentivized comment for comment and not real then THAT is bad. I can see how a typical engagement pod that has no other reason to exist would be bad but a verified pod does not have to be used that way AND it has plenty of legit reasons why it should be used and why it's GREAT for advertisers. First of all, the 20 verified users in my groups are not doing sponsored posts for unsuspecting advertisers, they are instead posting about themselves trying to connect with their audience to grow organically.



Secondly, if the advertiser does not intend to sell a product to the target audience and instead changes the target audience from being a potential customer to being a verified user, then suddenly it's not fraud anymore its just serving him/her the natural and hard-earned blue check comments that they are asking for. It's not easy to convince endless verified users to do things on your behalf as a favor for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You must have a very large Rolodex for this. Give it a try and see how long you last.


Preston Hudman has been investigating Google for 7 years and is widely considered to be the worlds leading expert in all things Google/YouTube. Visit his website to learn more. To make a purchase please visit seoclerks here... and if you don't see what you want just reach out to Preston on his website.