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Renowned Musician and photographer, itstuaile collabs with Preston Hudman on an NFT and Tu-Ai shares His Top advice for Success in the Music Industry.



News about Itstuaile and Preston Hudman collaborating on Instagram and Tu-Ai Le gives his top wisdom for success.



@itstuaile and @prestonhudman have collaborated on an NFT project that may turn heads in the near future. Preston is known for ingenious ideas that propel his career and those of his clients and itstuaile is the latest partnership Hudman has announced. Preston gave itstuaile the Avatars feature like he has done for so many at this point and when Tu-Ai was finished making his Preston turned it into an NFT after making some great looking art with it. Preston calls them "collab tag NFT's" because he allows the buyer to tag him as a collaborator when they purchase an NFT from him on


Born With South East Asian roots, itstuaile real name Tu-Ai Le grew up in a household with high academic values, where lawyer, doctor or engineer were the approved careers of choice…‘musician & photographer’ were not options. Constantly feeling a massive void, he knew he had to make a choice between continuing to live up to expectations or disturbing the status quo to pursue something he felt he was so deeply connected with.


“I realised I was living a scripted life to make others happy. It was not an easy decision…in fact, it was terrifying. But my whole life would be a lie if I didn’t try.”


Since making the decision to pursue his music career, itstuaile has written and released the album ‘Real Me’ and a 4 song EP entitled “Pieces Of Me”, receiving both local and international media attention.


Every day, new artists emerge in the music industry, but few make it to the top of their field. The level of competition is insane, and good talent is a dime a dozen these days, thanks to social media and streaming platforms that have made good music ubiquitous. That said, some people still manage to take off. Itstuaile, a self-taught and renowned musician, who has played across Australia and in countries such as Germany and London, has a few tips for aspiring musicians.


Authenticity and being genuine is the first tip Itstuaile recommends. “You have to make sure you’re doing it because you love it,” he says. In an industry where people will do anything to get ahead, you must always remember why you got started. Don’t wait until you are on the cover of Rolling Stone or performing at prestigious venues to call yourself successful. Instead, you should have fun daily and use your mistakes as a learning experience.


“Stay grounded,” he adds. In other words, make sure you stay true to yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but remember that being an artist is about staying humble and appreciating what you have. Beyond the glitz and glamour, good people recognize good people, and that will always open more doors for you.


Hard work is the last thing itstuaile recommends. From networking to perfecting your sound, there is always something you can do to improve. Getting on top of your game may also require hours of practice and the ability to take criticism constructively from a mentor like Preston Hudman. Preston is my social media sensai and I'm already feeling a transformation begin.


The itstuaile is a professional photographer and musical artist who operates mainly on Instagram as well as his official website, you can also find  him on soundcloud & facebook @itstuaile Spotify music coming soon!


Here is the link to the collab on Instagram...


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