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The Alex Abundance Biography and Collaboration with Preston Hudman.



The @alex_abundance Biography and a verified collaboration with @prestonhudman on Instagram & Twitter.



Besides that the two men have collaborated on an NFT project called Animal Abundance where Preston gave Instagram Avatars to Alex so Alex could make his own Avatar then Preston took a screenshot of it and created the NFT. They did a "collab tag" on IG and also a "CoTweet" on Twitter which is essentially the same thing. It allows two users to be the author of one post and it gets shared on both persons pages. Since collectively the two men have a staggering 1.7 Million followers on Instagram it went viral among their fans.


The CoTweet also did well considering Alex's account is brand new and Preston only has 86K followers at this time...


Darrian Renz is a widely popular Influencer on TikTok and Instagram. He has nearly a million followers between the two platforms and will no doubt catch up to Preston quickly seeing as how Preston is mentoring him.


(the following was taken from


Darrian comes from the north east region of the US, Greenville, Ohio. He was born on July 3rd, 1997. From a young age Darrian held a unique approach to life, preferring to use experience and really listen to the needs of those around him instead of using a one size fits all approach. He has 2 companies he operates, Darrianrenzllc & Daystar Rising LLc, which he hopes to expand in the future.


Darrian is a health and wellness influencer, investor, house flipper, music producer, media company owner, and animal welfare activist. From a lifetime of varied interests and skills, he has gained knowledge about multiple fields and industries. Gathering all his insights, Darrian helps his clients view their concerns from a different perspective.


Darrian knew early on that he wanted to be part of the entertainment industry. Music producing was one of the ways he entered the industry, but social media was also a field he took interest in. So when Darrian was sixteen years old, he took a chance and built a following on Instagram. Since creating his first Instagram page, Darrian has created many more that have all reached over 100,000 followers and maintain great engagement.  With more than 5 years on the platform, he can now provide effective coaching to his people and followers. 


He has a company that deals with the flipping of houses. The positive effect of it was that he started his business journey with a lot of money by age 20. The real estate sector requires certain skills in following the rules and if done correctly, a real estate flip can provide the realtor with large gains in terms of revenue.


Darrian also spends much of his time advocating for health and well being, offering coaching for diet, lifestyle advice, exercise routine, general advice and most personal questions that don't fit into a specific category.


He has worked with many big accounts, most notable being @prestonhudman, with a following of 1.2 million followers, others include opvious, rodtheplanter, donnyarcade, 4biddenknowledge, upn6xt, brennen, _crewzthroughlife_ and many others.


Darrians biggest inspiration comes from Modsun, Bob Marley, Ralph Smart, 4biddenknowledge aka Billy Carson and Donny Arcade who inspired him to make a name for himself. He hopes to achieve a full and well lived life & help as many people as possible.


You can reach Alex Abundance through his website or his Instagram here...


or his newly created Gettr account here...


or his TikTok here...