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The Alex Bentley and Preston Hudman collab CANCELED due to Alex getting verified!

I explain what Alex purchased from me and how I did NOT help him get verified.






So another client of mine has been verified on Instagram but before people get the wrong idea it is just coincidence that we teamed up (or were about to team up) right before he got verified. Many people including myself have been given early access to Facebook's Creator Support and have an alternate application form that I can confirm is not that special in regard to verification as it does not impact the outcome. I teach all my clients who buy my collab package about it. So Alex bought my IG press collab AND SP playlist collab. I recommened he keep trying to get verified on his own instead of look for someone to buy it from and he seemed to agree. His resume looked promising already and the not so special application will not make a difference. Alas, he says it was his publisist who did the application for him. 


We did however develope a plan over the course of a month in case he were to get denied. I was going to debut his music career by collaborating with him all over the Internet and I even made the content for it and everything. This plan to impress Facebook would have worked imo if he hadn't of gotten verified elsewhere. Facebook says not to even apply again unless you give a good reason. I think becoming a clout rapper almost over night would have showed them we are listening.  


So, I had nothing to do with him getting verified but the mentoring and hard work that I did in fact do is worth something no doubt. So I simply offered Alex a partial refund of half his money back which he graciously accepted. What? Education ain't cheap plus I was still ready and willing to complete the job. So, if you read this and wish to be verified perhaps you can pay Alex Bentley and his publicist for it but imo that is a big risk seeing as how the application could be filled out maliciously and you could loose the badge AND your money. I think you should stick with me and team "do work to earn it".

-Preston Hudman


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