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The Mack Eleord Interview
@otb_montero aka Matt Eleord is interviewed by Preston Hudman


Here comes yet another cameroonian interview but this time he doesn't just do music hes also an actor and entrpreneuer like myself please welcome Matt Eleord. I can attest to the man's kindness and look forward to collaborating with him. Cameroon is now one of my favorite places on earth. 


Q: Who is Mack Eleord?
A: I'm a Cameroonian entrepreneur, actor and musician (Afro pop/Rap) who hails from the grasslands of Cameroon precisely from nlonako-nkonsamba in the littoral region. Pationate about singing, acting and owning an enterprise since I was 7 years old. I grew up in Yaoundé and started seeing music/acting at the age 17 and creating my own business at age 18. I started following many established actors, musicians and entrepreneurs, and took as motivation and out of the inspiration I got from them, I decided to become an actor ,musician and an entrepreneur.


Q: Best song ?
A: njoh by fhish and longue longue


Q: Short term goal?  
A: to finish my studies at the university to the highest level of education


Q: Long term goal?
A: to become a world known, famous, and talented actor, musician and entrepreneur who helps others educate themselves to become the same.


Q: Favorite quote? 
A: “The best is yet to come “ ..."you ain't seen nothin yet."


Q: Advice to up comers?  
A: trust the process.


Q: Related artists?
A: Preston Hudman, Youngnigs , Jovi, Stanley Enow, Davido , burna boy




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