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The Miracle Pikin Interview

@miraclepikin is interviewed by Preston Hudman


Here comes an interview with another cameroonian rapper following in the footsteps of Youngnigs. Youngnigs was interviewed on this site and managed to get verfied afterwards and now the entire cameroonian music scene is wanting to work with me. You can expect more collabs on Instagram and more interviews weekly.

Q: Who is Miracle Pikin?
A: I'm a young Cameroonian singer who hails from the grasslands of Cameroon precisely from Ndop-Ngoketunja in the Northwest region. My genre of music is diverse ( Afropop/ Rap) choosen out of passion and with the zeal of creating something unique. Passionate about singing since I was 6 years old. As a normal kid, growing up loving music, I started following many established artistes and took as model for my musical career and out of the inspiration I got from them, I chose and kick off with my own genre which is Afropop.


Q: Whe did you begin your career?
A: I kicked off off my career in 2019 with the release of his first debut song titled “SWEET GIRL” prod by Hakenon beats who’ve been very instrumental to me. So far, so good, I've  had no major challenges except with the issue people have with my always wearing a CAP but very soon I'll make everyone understand.


Q: What is your best song? 
A: Dior by Ruger


Q: What is your short term goal?
A:  Learn a new style or genre, or explore improvisation.


Q:  Long term goal?
A: Record yourself regularly, and listen back to really hear your progress.


Q: Favorite quote? 
A: Miracles happens every day


Q: Advice for up and comers? 
A: Create a unique style.


Q: Related artists?
A: prestonhudman, youngnigs , stanley enow




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