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The Youngnigs Interview 

@youngnigs_official introduces himself to Prestons readers as the first ever musician to be interviewed on Preston Hudman's new website blog for music news.


Hello and welcome to my first ever interview. My name is Preston Hudman and I'm pleased to introduce Youngnigs, who is a talented up and coming artist with a big brain for backing and a unique sound that I enjoy. Without wasting any time let's get into this...


Question #1 
Who is Youngnigs? Note that this is where you can rant on and on about yourself and its totally fine.

I'm a Cameroonian rapper who goes by names of origin Ambe Clinton, youngnigs comes from the north west region of bamenda precisely Bafut-Mezam division. I was born on may 19, 1999. Schooled in several primary schools in bamenda then later left for Douala were I acquired my first school living certificate. Later on in 2016 I had my ordinary levels with good grades and 9 papers out of 10. I later on acquired my advanced levels in the year 2018. Then I left Douala for Dschang in the year 2018 for university studies where I acquired my degree in Law and political science three years after that’s in 2021 then I moved back Douala for MY musical career and business. Musically I started singing at the age of 18 years before and then I had loved music and usually sang in school for my friends.


Question #2
How much music have you made and where can we consume it?

I removed my first song titled we jo di craze and had an awesome video for that song and I later on did songs like blow ,downfall , blessings, Jah don bless me, life taste ,drip and then with and EP tittle ghetto tunes which was a success for me. My music is in most online music/streaming stores like Spotify Soundcloud even TikTok.


Question #3
Who have you worked with?

I have worked with artist such as mic monsta , Cleo Grae ,miracle pikin ,Mr skills , Preston Hudman aka @prestonhudman, don ray and dropped a verse for this artist Kitz ,mr skills ,miracle pikin ,Tzy panchack ,Nabstar TV , nchris ,pop j. I would say that my collab with Preston Hudman is my latest venture lol.


Question #4
Who has inspired you to reach greatness as a musician?

I have always mentioned Jovi, Stanley Enow , Cleo Grae and mic monsta to be my idols with Cleo Grae and mic Monsta making the top of his list. 


Question #5
What advice do you have for up and coming artists?

All I can advise young artist is hard work pays.


Question #6
What is your hardest song?

My hardest song is downfall feat Cleo Grae.


Question #7
What is the best way to contact you?

Definitely Instagram or Facebook. I'm active on there all the time. Here is my page...
and website coming soon...


Thank you for reading my first ever artist interview and you will be seeing more of this artist on my Instagram account @prestonhudman




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