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Preston Hudman


I am not a basketball player or an NBA agent like my good friend Blaiseffrench is but I feel the need to weigh in on the recent tragedy involving Kobe Bryant because I think what happened was appalling. The fog that day was enough to ground police helicopters and I'm sure radio control told every pilot in the area plus a skilled pilot would know these things. When Kobe approached the pilot I highly doubt he was easily convinced to fly in that fog. Any skilled pilot would know better than to risk his life but then again every man has his price.


Could it be that the pilot mentioned the fog but Kobe chose to do it anyways and offered enough money to convince the pilot that it was worth the risk? They were on there way to his 13 year old daughters basketball competition and apparently had to arrive in style in order to get "hyped" before the game. While no other competitors arrived by helicopter, it was only supposed to be a short 20 minute flight. So despite the conditions this pilot agrees to risk it and the only reason I can think of is because Kobe would not take no for an answer. Nobody WANTS to risk there life and wind up dead but if they get offered a ton of money they would.


It seems to me that Kobe decided it was a special day and they weren't going to let a little fog stop them from having there grand entrance. I shutter at the thought of the kids rejecting the idea when they saw the fog and what it must have looked like climbing in altitude without any visibility. I bet the last thing Kobe heard was the pilot yelling I told you so. No one screaming. All had there game faces on. BLAME THE CRASH.



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